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I Cost simplifies the import costing process with reliance and ease with Graphical Interfaces and rich architecture to deliver you always the most reliable service. It is an easy to use software package built to run on Windows XP platform. The simplicity of iCOST helps the user to easily adapt to the use of it without the much hassle, lessening problems associated with system integration. iCOST automates costing process with preset HS codes enabling you to focus more on key functional areas of the business. Designed to update easily with the changes in taxation iCOST will provide you with the flexibility to ensure a robust business assistance.
Product Features
* Costing Reports with Crystal Reports.
* Facility to link up with “ACCO: the accounting system.
* Rich User Friendly Graphical User Interfaces.
* Facility to update taxation information.
* Costing details at the click of a button.