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Be in control of the life blood of your organization with ACCO, the fully automated multi purpose financial management system. Designed to facilitate double entry and Sri Lankan Accounting Standards ACCO comes to you with User Friendly interfaces and comprehensive management decision support facilities and the flexibility to modify ACCO to suit your specific needs. Relieve yourself from the complexities of finance management today with ACCO; your partner in financial management.
Product Features
# Define your accounting requirements- chart of accounts
# FIFO Cost inventory cost accounting methods
# General Ledger and Accounts Receivable Balance Recalculation
# Double-Entry Accounting
# Financial Calculations
# Creditors Details
# Debtors Details
# Balance Sheet/ Trial Balance/ P&L
# Data roll-back capabilities offer precise system failure recovery options
# Individual ledger account checking for a given period
# Cheque return and redeposit facility
# Bank reconciliation
# Automatic updating of money receipts and payments
# Cost Vs. Return Analysis